Sunday, September 16, 2018

The good, the bad and the ugly

The first crop of  pumpkin squash are ready to harvest - I call this the ugly bunch as they endured the worst of the hail.  These bad boys have the scars of many battles.  They grew as volunteers from my compost so I have no idea what cultivar they are - perhaps you could help me out here Old Fashioned Halloween (as I deleted your last comment in which you told me).

His Lordship admires the crop.
The plants are resilient and will not be outdone by a few hailstorms.  I have a whole new batch coming.

 The one pictured below is clever enough to grow under the deck, as if taunting the hail "can't get me".
Last time I tried to take a picture of this fellow, I disturb a sleeping skunk, who then ran into our garage.  I had to stealthily wait for it to come out  and use my remotes to shut the door.

Alas, I might yet get something to carve - just have to wait and see what this crazy changing climate throws my way.  Right now we are getting ridiculously hot summer weather.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Sigh - It is happening again

Every so often, the number one referring site to my blog is a porn site.  I just wanted to say to all those hopeful folks who pop over to the Haunted Parlor hoping to find some leather clad Madam  sporting a corset and a cat o' nine tails, you are sadly mistaking.  Lady M's Haunted Parlor is not and never will be fodder for your sado-masochistic fantasies.  What my blog is about is Halloween - decorating, cooking, gardening, and events around town.  I also like Creepmas.  So unless you get your jollys looking at glue guns and paper mache' projects, this is not the site for you.  Upcycled Halloween crafts don't float your boat?  Than go elsewhere.  Not that I don't appreciate the referrals but I am not and will never be a porn blog.

Forgot to feed the Bird

This is a little prop is fashioned from a cage acquired years ago at JoAnns Fabric and Crafts in after Halloween sales. The bird skeleton is available right at the Dollar Tree.  Through the magic of a mini hot glue gun, I got it to stay on the perch.

 I like to give my cheap skeletons a paint job as I think it makes them look a little more upscale.

Best Thrift Store Find

I love to thrift and upcycle - I like to say "saving the planet one Halloween craft at a time".  So when we cleaned out the Tajin Alami back in April and I acquired these pre-owned beauties, I knew I had to find a way to light them.

Enter the Arc Thrift Store with an amazing bag of three remote controlled LED candles for $6.99!!!  I can now hang these from my high beams without climbing a ladder to turn them on and off!  They have 15 color choices and a flicker option.  Plus, I got them half price with 55 and older discount.  Yes I failed to mention that I was only 54 and 4 months but they didn't ask.  Just one of the benefits of being prematurely gray.  

Sunday, September 9, 2018

I was warned

Last year, Donut, over at the PotionSmith did a group of postings based around the perils of over planting Zucchini and naturally, I failed to get it.  Fast forward to 2018, when I planted not 1, not 2 but 3 whole rows of the stuff. Now I see her point.
Earlier in the summer, the hail kept these bad boys down.  But we have been hail free for almost 4 weeks and  I am up to my eyeballs in zucchini and am happily giving it away to friends, enemies and anyone who breathes.

We have added it to everything we cook - spaghetti, ratatouille, eggplant Parmesan, soup, brownies, as side dish in white and red sauce, and sauteed with basil. It goes in salad, smoothies, and is eaten raw with hummus.  But I can't keep up.  So please, send me your best zucchini recipe, especially any Halloween ideas I can add to my spooky spread.  I am heading out to the garden to pick another 10 of these.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Crafts to sell at the Beer Festival

The Manitou Springs Heritage Brew festival is a great time to sample local craft beer.  Many brewers from Colorado Springs and the surrounding area will bring samples to share.  We even have Melvin coming from Jackson Hole, Wy., which is exciting because that is his Lordships favorite.  I will be selling Lady M merch to benefit the Heritage Center.  Here is my latest craft project for sale - switch plate covers. They feature vintage postcards and a vintage graphic from the Colorado Springs gazette circa 1926.  I printed them off of the computer and decoupaged them onto plate covers from Habitat for Humanity's Restore.  I am chuff with how they look and love that they are upcycled!

Monday, September 3, 2018

Deleted my comments by mistake

Sorry if you don't see your comments.  I was cleaning up the comments page.  I deleted hundreds. I had no idea that they would come of off the blog too.  So they are gone, all the way back to a year ago.  I am glad I got bored or I would have deleted them back to 2011.  So you will have to forgive me - I still want you all to comment and I still like you.  I checked with blogger - no recovery system at all.

Now I understand what Emma knew

I remember reading once that Charles Darwin often boiled carcasses of animals in his house so that he could compare skeletons.  His wife Emma did not like the smell.  Well, now that I have experienced such, I can totally agree with Emma.

Back in June, we had one of our tenants go AWOL.  He left our rental full of stuff and disappeared.  We had to pack, move and store his things and now are in the process of getting rid of them.  He left a cool deer skull I have decided to keep.

The only problem was there were still a few bits of hide and flesh on it.  I left it outside hoping nature would do its job.  But that takes a long time so his Lordship suggested I boil it.  It worked great as all the fleshy bits fell off but holy guacamole - the smell.  I still gag just thinking about it.

It will look great in the Haunted Parlor this year.

It will be displayed with this fake one I bought on sale last year from Spirit Halloween Superstore.  

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Bauhaus - Lagartija Nick (1982)

This is for the folks over at the Highbury Cemetery because one good song deserves another.

Fine Feathered Friends

His Lordship and I chose to move the haunted parlor last year for a few reasons.  One of which was to have a garden.  If you have been following recent posts, you know how that is working out given the occurance of  hail 3 times this year.

 The other reason we moved here was to enjoy the birds.  And oh, what birds we have.  We have kept the feeders stocked and the birds have come.  My favorites, being a fall person, are the crows.  Every day I throw some seed and a handful of freeze dried meal worms into the grass.  A scout flies in, caws, and the whole family group arrives.  Here are some pictures of them enjoying their morning ritual:

We also get Black Headed Grosbeaks, Lesser Goldfinches,Turkeys, Hummingbirds and many others.  So far, my yard list is up to 69 species.
These vultures fly over but I never get them to land.
Perhaps I need one of these.


I was amazed at the online instructions detailing how to build a vulture feeder using road kill.  Some day can only dream.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

New Addition to the Haunt

Here's is one the the things I scrounged from the Tajin Alami clean up.  It was part of a four part, circular chandelier that was broken.  I removed all the wires and chains and separated it into four sections.
Next I added some toilet paper rolls dripped with hot glue and filled with tealights.  I will mount it on the wall for a fun, castle-like light fixture.

Friday, August 17, 2018



Capitalism comes to the Haunted Parlor

This weekend in my little Hamlet of Manitou is the Pikes Peak Marathon.  Yes it is that crazy time when people from all over the globe run up and down this mountain. 

On Sunday, the town is closing the street and having a crazy sidewalk party.  The Manitou Springs Heritage Center will have a booth there and his Lordship is going to take some of my wares to sell as a fundraiser for the Heritage Center, just to test the market.  He is such a capitalist.

Thus, he wanted me to do a little branding.  I got on photo shop and came up with a Lady M logo to I could price my items.  I printed them on tea stained card stock. 

What are Lady M's wares you may ask?  Well first we have pictures printed on authentic 1920's newspapers that came out of the Heritage center back in February.  They are in distressed thrift store frames.

Next we have plates that came out of the Tajin Alami back in April.  They are vintage Buffalo restaurant wear china and naturally, I put some skulls on them with water slide decals.  Hope they are not to morbid for the general public.
Finally, I have completed some witch bottles with my homemade labels and hopefully, will manage a pillow or two!  Busy but it all benefits a good cause, the Manitou Springs Heritage Center.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A post about some rather sad pumpkins

Yes I had high hopes for the pumpkin patch - up until July 23 when we got nailed by hail.  Still the little guys rallied back and were just putting out some new fruit when, can you believe, hail again August 6th.  My poor pumpkins look like they have a skin disease!  I promised October Boy I would post some pictures so here they are:

Tattered and torn!

Look at the poor thing!

Craft projects getting underway

Things are ramping up and I am getting crazy busy.  I can't believe my party is only two months away.  I better get going.  Plus his Lordship has me signed up to make all sorts of crafts for the Heritage Center booth at Emma Crawford.  They will be sold as a fundraiser to benefit the Heritage Center.  Here are just a few of the exciting things I have been working on.  So much to do - so little time.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Only 99 Days till Next Halloween

I happened to notice this on the spooky vegan's blog this morning and it caught me by suprise.  Only 100 days - well 99 from today.  Yikes.  I am so behind.  I had big, big plans for this year.  I better get my rear in gear.

The good news is that this morning, it was cool enough to smell like fall, inspiring all sorts of Halloween thoughts to surface.

The bad news is two days ago we had a hell of a hail storm.  It did a number on my poor pumpkins.  They were taking over the world but now, well they will be lucky to finish what they started.  Poor little fellows.

On the other hand, here is a video from the news about our recent hail.  His Lordship is the fellow in the green pushing the wheelbarrow.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Garden update

The bench got painted purple and the pumpkins???? They are gonna take over the world.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

I sent a save the date and .....

I recently sent a save the date for my upcoming Halloween party to friends and family.  Posting it here for any blog friends who feel they might be in Colorado around that time.

We heard from some locals that their cousin would be in town and would it be ok if he came.  Sure we said- the more the merrier.  They then told us that he is an actor and played Jason in Friday the 13th.  So, if all goes well, my humble haunted parlor will be graced by horror movie royalty Ari Lehman. The parlor is really gonna have to be swell this year.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Reality according to this guy

Well there you have it - vote for Dems in November so everyday can be Halloween.  At least in the addled mind of Mr. Huckabee.