Friday, December 1, 2017

It's Creepmas Time!

Creepmas has arrived!  Spooky Halloween/ Christmas mash up frolics will be featured at the haunted parlor until Dec. 13th.  If you are unfamiliar, more information to be had here. 
I have already sent two creepmas surprises.  Baby M received the creepmas countdown box full of 13 little gifts.  Perhaps she will remember to stop by the parlor and share her joy, horror or indifference with other parlor guests.

A second Creepmas thank you has been sent to my sister for such lovely hospitality at Thanksgiving.  I hope she finds my Creepmas spirit amusing.  Sorry for the short post.  Busy all day but have more Creepmas surprises for you tomorrow so please come a calling.


  1. Did not sign up... but will be making "Creepmas" posts at the Crypt as well... Wishing you and yours a pleasant Holiday Season.... Stacey

  2. Replies
    1. Hard to find items tiny enough to fill it!