Saturday, November 4, 2017

Hipster Skeles

I will let this guy speak for himself.  He is in Josh and Johns Ice Cream shop.

Here is a hip skeleton hanging at the Red Dog Coffee Shop.  As you can see, he is not hurting for company.

These skeles at the Border Burger Bar like to get high here in Colorado.
He's wearing a very cool hoodie at the Tracy Miller gallery in Manitou Springs
Over at the Wickerbill, the skeletons are enjoying a meal.  They could stand to gain a little weight.

At Swirl Wine Bar, this skeleton enjoys one of their many excellent wines.

At The Keg - another skeleton who enjoys heights and cleaning. 
Well I hope you have enjoyed the skeletons this year.  I am sure I missed a couple that were inside businesses.  The results of the judging and voting to come later.  Thanks for reading.


  1. I've loved your Skeleton post its been interesting and hilarious.

    1. Glad to have you with me for the skeleton craze!

  2. Well, who can resist blonde hair and blue eyes like that? LOL. And I think the last "Keg" skelly is political satire surely? Who do we know with a blue suit, long red tie and a propensity to throw rolls of paper towels at the unfortunate? But it looks like his MAGA cap has slipped off his head!

    1. HA HA - I was not even thinking of 45 - your right. Jeez I am thick!