Monday, October 10, 2016

Skeleton Days turns into Skeleton Craze

 Much has happened in Manitou over the past week with regards to the Skeleton competition.   The event is much larger than anyone imagined.  With over 40 businesses participating, skeletons are popping up everywhere. Not surprisingly, the name has changed from days to craze!

 I photographed a bunch today and still have more to find.  The creativity is astounding but as a community of artists and hippies, I guess it fits. 
This is a new shop called Elf Child's Realm - they are not even open for business and yet, they have a skeleton!

These folks did not put a lot of effort into this skeleton but I will check back next week.  I bet it gets a makeover.

 This skeleton at Patsy's is super cute.  I took this picture last week.  Today I noticed the hot dog and some of the condiments were missing.  I wonder if someone ate them.

 The Ten Spots skeleton is funny dressed in items that all cost - you guessed it - $10

The Manitou Art Center, affectionately know as the MAC, has these two climbing an enormous school desk sculpture. 

Sunwater spa has this skeleton suspended off of the building in an amazing Yoga pose 

But one of my favorites is below.  Leave it to the artists of the Commonwheel Co-op to come up with something really outstanding.

This is the back of its' head - just gorgeous! 


  1. Wow, everything looks so cool.

  2. >Today I noticed the hot dog and some of the condiments were missing. I wonder
    >if someone ate them.
    Well, the skeleton did, of course. Can you blame him? Look how skinny he is!

    1. Either that or one of the Manitiods - that the name for the hippie youth that live in the national forest surrounding us!

  3. The Ten Spots one is my fave! Although they are all great in their own ways.

  4. What a fun town! I wish I lived there.