Friday, October 28, 2016

Rocky Horror at the Iron Springs Chateau

Last night, we attended the live performance of Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Iron Springs Chateau.  It was a fun nostalgic romp with a very raucous audience.  The cast lip-synced  to the original movie creating quite the dilemma for my group. Do we watch the original movie or the local cast?  I think I split time between them 70 - 30 in favor of the original.  After all, Tim Curry is quite irresistible in the role of Frank N. Furter. 
 A couple of fun horror facts regarding the movie.  Firstly, the skeleton in the coffin was real.

None of the actors except Tim Curry and Richard O'Brian knew there was a corpse in the table.  Hence, the distressed look on their faces was real when the tablecloth was removed.
That castle, Oakley Court, is now a hotel - but back in the 1970's during filming, it had no toilets nor heat.  Yikes!  Those poor actors prancing about in nothing but underwear.  They must have been freezing.


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