Saturday, October 22, 2016

Mr. Bones ambassador for the skeleton craze

Mr. Bones is having a busy fall.  Firstly, he was repurposed to join another skeleton in the Manitou skeleton craze display for the Heritage Center.
We replaced him with a pose and stay skeleton who then promoted the skeleton craze at the Manitou Brew Festival on Oct. 3 . Here he is pictured wearing his "Keep Manitou Weird" tie dye.
 Pictured below, at the event, is the new Mr. Bones (some fun loving member of the Heritage Center board rolled him a  toilet paper joint .  Did I mention that we sell legal recreational pot here in Manitou?)
This is myself, Baby M and the Twisted Sisters drinking liberally at the Brew Fest with Mr. Bones.

 At my party, Mr. Bones will play the piano with his faithful dog, Pugsly.  But instead of a bow tie, He will don his tie dye.  He is still smoking that doobee!