Saturday, October 8, 2016

More Skeles

Here are a few more entries around Manitou Springs.

Red Dog had this skele hanging but got taken to task about the political correctness of such so had to move him inside.  I was under the impression the way justice was served in the old west was by hanging!

Green Horse Gallery placed their skeleton on a piece of sculpture.
 Manitou Brew Company's entry looks like its had one too many of their fine craft beers
Heroes Hollow's skele is ready to bust a few ghosts

 Lastly, one of my favorite hangs outs - Swirl Wine Bar!  I love their wine drinking skele!



  1. Love 'em all! And I like seeing the store signs too -- some of them are very beautiful, like the Green Horse Gallery one. Manitou Springs looks like a happening place!

    1. It's a super little place with a city ordinance that bans chain stores from our historic downtown - keeps everything all Mom and Pop. We can afford to do that because we sit at the base a Pikes Peak - a really happening mountain that attacts many tourists.