Monday, October 3, 2016

Lonely Little Cloche

Oh this sad, lonely little Cloche needs some help. 
I originally purchased it to put a desiccated bird corpse in it  (I found this sad blue bird in my sisters garage - it had gotten trapped in an old furnace).  Unfortunately, the bizarre angle its tail assumed during rigor mortis does not fit.
 So now I have to come up with some other ideas. 

I could stick some skulls in there like Darling Darlene suggests.  Her ideas are fun and cheap. I have plenty of skulls, tombstones, crows, and moss!

These beautiful designs from Rogers Gardens are certainly inspiring.

Hmm - what's your idea for filling a cloche?  Please share!


  1. They look like an interesting idea

  2. They look like an interesting idea

  3. I just thinking about that, as a matter of fact! Since I can't seem to find any damn candelabras at the thrift store, I need to come up with other ideas for table decorations. I think I'm just going to go out into the forest and gather some funky, mossy twigs, add a crow skull, crow leg and maybe an old leather change purse or something totally unrelated. If it works out, I'll share a picture (after Creatures of the Night. Bummer). ;)

    1. Hmmm - never thought to add a leather change purse.