Monday, October 24, 2016

Atmosfx Coupon from Shellhawk

A few weeks ago, I won a give away for a 25% off of AtmosFX digital decorations from Shellhawk over at Shellhawk's Nest.  At first, the coupon code would not work, but after contacting AtmosFX, the problem was fixed and last night I downloaded my products.  For the upstairs TV, I got the face making Jacks (mostly because His Lordship is a sensitive soul and too much gore makes him sick to his stomach). 
  The dungeon TV, however, featured The Head of the House.  A scary specter that does various interesting things with his head.

The products were fairly easy to download and work with.  We had to problem solve a few issues like have an old DVD player that would not recognize MP3 but in the end managed to find a movie making program and a device that worked.  One of the coolest things was that the TV reflected in the  basement window and all the party guests thought we had a ghost walking around outside.  So thanks Shellhawk!


  1. I use the AtmosFear FX for Halloween as well. If you have a projector (even a cheap one will do) you can hook the dvd player up to it and project onto a white sheet hung in your window. Really looks like ghosts walking around inside.

  2. Totally jealous of your party, sounds like great fun!

    1. It was some fun but nothing to be jealous about.