Friday, July 15, 2016

Good old summertime

It's hot here as I suppose it is everywhere else.  Sitting in the basement at the computer is about 10 degrees cooler so it is a good time to post.  I took some pictures of the garden I would like to share with you as a salute to summer.

cholla in full bloom - nothing says "keep out" to the neighbors like a border of cactus!

new gate - the iron lets one have a view into the backyard but my cactus still say "keep out"

Old boss never looked better

I chose purple and black flowers this year

Dante (named by variations on light) surveys his realm in hopes that one of us will croak in the heat and he will dine upon our eyeballs

suppose to be black but blooming yellow and black - go figure!

His Lordship likes this one because you can see Dante's eyes.

The deer came a dining yesterday (they munched on all sorts of things meant to be "deer resistant")so this morning I made up a concoction of ghost peppers to spray on my plants.  It is short lived however, as I can hear the thunder again.


  1. That blooming cactus is amazing. I love to see personal gardens so different from my own.

    1. Thank you - as you can see I live in the high desert - all plants must be drought tolerant, deer resistant and fire resistant. That trilogy does not leave a lot of choice except the natives. The cholla(pronounced choy yah) is a native.

  2. Great pics, Lady M! Read this lovely book and you'll be very glad you went native with the plants. XOXO

    1. I got a rufous on the agastache!

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    1. I'll let him know you think so...

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    1. Thank you MK - I hope your summer is blissful.

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    1. The Virginia Creeper vine is holding him down