Friday, February 20, 2015

A ghost story for a gloomy winter day

So my friend Lupee told me a ghost story today that was kind of sweet in a melancholy way.  A while back, her sister passed away.  In her dying days, she was nursed by Lupee and Lupee's niece, the dying woman's daughter.  In order to call her family when she needed something, Lupee's sister had a automated bell.  After her death, the family was heart broken, and except for removing the batteries from the bell, left the room unchanged.  A little less than a year later, the deceased woman's granddaughter, on the occasion of her 13th birthday, entered the room.  Within moments, the bell began ringing.  The granddaughter picked it up, made sure it was still without batteries and tried to turn it off.  Her mother then entered the room and tried to shut it down to no avail.  Finally the Grandaughter said "Thank you, Grandma, for the birthday wishes".  The bell stopped.

Creepy or Sweet - you decide.
grandma's ghost


  1. I think it's sweet. And I also like the picture.

  2. yeah, probably both... the grandma ghost with the plate of cookies is a hoot!

  3. Replies
    1. Pam - what a delight. I miss your blog.

  4. Sweet! Unless those cookies are poisoned ... then I'd have to pick the other answer. :)

    1. You'll never know unless you have one!