Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mummy Cake

Baby M is home - on a little break from the studies.  It has been so lovely to have her here.  She's my favorite pal.  Yesterday, we were gonna have some pumpkin cupcakes leftover from Halloween but  we discovered they were all freezer burned.  Still desiring cake, Baby M produced the cutest cake pan from her room.  She purchased it on sale at Target Nov. 1.  I was so proud - such a chip off the old haunter block!!! Anyhow, it looks like this and is made by Wilton. 


We quickly searched online for a high altitude vanilla cake recipe.  While I would have liked chocolate, Baby M felt a mummy should be white. The mummy cake came out like this.

We made a cream cheese frosting that we pipe on to follow the contours of his rags - adding a bit of colored frosting for eyes and the spaces between.  Viola - he's so cute.  I started a healthy eating blog and have so many goals in that area but I am still gonna have to have a bit of mummy cake for lunch
I think next time he could be a chocolate mummy with white rags!


  1. Looks healthy enough Lady M....
    We posted on a baked severed hand meat-loaf....
    Enjoy creative foods...

  2. He's a little sad but tastes yummy!

  3. Ooooh... Super cute! The true definition of a "yummy mummy"! ;D

  4. We've devoured his legs so now he it a double amputee mummy.

  5. Wow! That's cool. I figured all the detail would be gone when the cake bakes. Nice!