Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Death by Chocolate

Valentines day is approaching and I have an event that week with a theme of "Death by Chocolate".  So I thought I would do a little search to find out what is available for me to bring as an offering.

So far my quest has yielded a slew of recipes, one cookbook, one mystery novel and this gal.
But look at this for $3.00 from Bittersweet Candy.  This could be a bit of fun!!!

Now this is just plain beautiful.  Wouldn't you love to receive this beautiful black box with skulls inside?



  1. The little Skulls are Awesome....
    And we posted (at the "Crypt") a bit of info for you(following your question / comment) to read over on my "research"...
    Have a very pleasant evening dear Lady M....

  2. those mini skull chocolates are so cool! Pretty sure thats the kiss of death as a Valentine's gift to most ladies though...

    1. Most ladies yes but I would be thrilled!