Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ghost Pictures

I was going through picture files and discovered some old ghost pictures I created on photo shop years ago.  Have not done much with the program for awhile so need to get back into it for next years haunt.


  1. Victorian "Ghost Pictures" were quite popular in their day....
    a very nice selection.... (We have seen Many over the years)...
    Have a pleasant evening dear Lady M....

    1. The top picture is one of Lord M's relatives whose head I took off. The next picture she is standing in a Churchyard on the Orkney Island Mainland. Below that is a piper from the Highland games in front of Castle Duart on the Island of Mull. The last picture is Baby M in her renaissance dress in a graveyard on the Island of Mull.

  2. How cool :) Liking the scottsman, with the bagpipe and Castle!