Sunday, December 14, 2014

Alkaline Trio Here I Come

Got some tickets today to go see the Alkaline Trio in April on their Past Live tour.  They are playing all 8 of their cds over 4 nights in each city.  Pretty Amazing.  I have never heard them play much off of Crimson so I can't wait.  Here they are back in 2006 doing the freak show thing that is all the rage this year.

They are an awesome band with very catchy melodies and dark themes and lyrics.  One of my top 5 bands. Can't wait to see them. Hope everyone out there gives them a listen.


  1. Interesting! Haven't heard them before, so thanks for the intro. Enjoy the concert!

  2. Hello dear Lady M.... "Elf Yourself" is a web site that allows you to create "personalized" Holiday Videos..... Great Fun.....

    1. yup - I found it. Have been enjoying myself the last 10 minutes - laughing my ass off actually. Thanks for the tip off.

  3. Glad that it gave you a "Smile" , dear Lady M