Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Spooky spread what's hot and what's not - part 3

Now we come to two of the dishes on my spooky spread that were super hot and must serve again.  Dishes I will share with you cause you might want to add them to your spooky spread.

Spooky Stomboli

This is a great party appetizer that I have been making for years, given to me by my friend Sue back when we taught school together in the early 1990's.  This year I Halloweenified it by making it into a mummy.
So this recipe starts with some Rhodes bread dough that get defrosted in the freezer over night.
Then take the defrosted bread dough and stretch it to the size of a cookie sheet.  Warning - if the dough is defrosted for more than overnight it will rise and become the size of a water melon so don't defrost it anymore than 12 hours before you are going to use it and do not defrost at room temperature.
Next sliced and dice an 1/8 pound of Salami and 1/8 pound of deli ham.  Place it in the center of the bread dough along with a generous amount of mozzarella cheese.
You could just roll it up this way but to make it into a mummy, cut the extra dough into strips with kitchen shears and weave it together.

Add olives for eyes and sprinkle with parmesan cheese.  Pop into a 350 degree oven for about 15 minutes or when it sounds hollow when flicked.  I always wait and cook this as the party is going.  I like to serve it piping hot out of the oven.
Devilled Eggs
These devilled eggs are always crowd pleasers.  They are easy to eat and most people like them.  A word about the eggs however.  Make sure they are old - like really old.  For the first party, my two cartons of eggs were to fresh.  After about the fourth batch that would not peel, I got so frustrated that I burst a blood vessel in my eye.  It was a Lady M temper tantrum.  But I learned my lesson and for the second party, I bought the eggs that Safeway had half price because they were expiring and let those sit in the fridge for 5 days.  They worked out just fine.
That's what happened to my eye when my hard boiled eggs would not peel

I put some really cute decorations on my eggs although making spiders out of olives was not all that easy.  Got this idea here:

A final word about Crackers

I got these beautiful rice crackers in black and orange thinking they would be so gorgeous with my spooky spread from my local organic grocer.  However, they were not that popular with the guests.  What did the guests like??? Triscuits!

And Cheesy Pumpkins

These cheesy pumpkins from Cost Plus were the worst product ever - yuk.  I will never serve them again - way to salty and not at all cheesy.
well thanks for bearing with me through this 3 part blog.  I need to write this all down or will not remember for next year thus repeating all my mistakes. 


  1. I love your mummy stomboli :D Too cute and look delicious! Hahha omg, sorry for laughing a bit.. Just looking at the photo of your eye :) *tjihi* Must have been quite frustrating. I know how it can be though. When things don't go as plan and time is essential.. I can get pretty frustrated myself. Just ask my hubby lol. Mmmm but never bursted any eye wessles before . That's a first :P Good thing you got it the second time around. Didn't know that eggs has to be old, in order to peel them. But that explains why they sometimes are hard to peel.. I don't know if you know this, but a trick I learned from my grandparents, is to poke a hole in the shell with an "egg poker" (needle inside a plastic thingy), before you put them in the water to boil them. That should fix the problem :)

    1. Interesting - I wonder where I would get an egg poker? Perhaps I will try the local kitchen shop. Thanks for the advice. I will try it and see if it doesn't save me from having a meltdown!

  2. Mostly I don't care for party finger foods, but Mummy Stromboli?! I'd eat that Ina heart beat...except he looked to cool to eat! Might have to use that recipe if we do a haunter's gathering this Spring. Even if I wouldn't eat eggs and such the layout was perfect! Well done "M"!

    1. I serve it hot out of the oven too so it's mozerella, ham, and salami decadence. Thank you Mark for your words of support - I guess the eggs were worth bursting that blood vessel.