Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Spooky Scary Package

I spent the last 10 days in Minneapolis with family.  I originally scheduled the trip to see two bands at the little Varsity Theater on the University of Minnesota campus.  The bands were amazing and I am so glad I made the effort to go see them.  The first was New Politics, a great indie bands with 2 members who hail from Denmark.  This was such a great high energy show and Dave, the front man can really dance.  By the end of the show, he was pulling off  his shirt and I swore I was at a Chippendales show - he was ripped.  This old lady was lusting after his fine young body.  Anyhow, they were thoroughly entertaining and I heartily recommend their music and live performance.
The other band I saw was The Bleachers - a solo project of Jack Antonoff of the indie band Fun.   I couldn't believe my luck when again it was an incredible, high energy show with an amazingly charismatic front man.  Great music, great band - go see them!  They were worth every penny of the ticket price.
So all this babbling about music explains why I was not home when my package from the spooky, scary give away arrived from Abby at the blog of the same name http://spooky-scary.blogspot.com/.  But it was waiting for me and upon opening, was full of fun Halloween goodies.  She packaged it so cute to with many adorable Halloween papers.  Here is a photo of how it looked when it arrived:
Look at all the fun stuff in there - Halloween pez, pumpkins cups, Sugar Babies, Mike and Ikes, A trick or treat candle, serving dishes, and lots more underneath.
 Games, zombies, monsters, an ice cube tray, stickers, a serving dish - it goes on and on.  So I pledge to Abby to play with all this stuff and blog about it.  It will do my old soul some good to have some young fun!  Plus I love these adorable papers she line the box with:

 So from the bottom of my heart Thank you Abby and Aquaman for your generous giveaway.  If you have a chance, pop over to http://spooky-scary.blogspot.com/ and swap a howdy with Abby.

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