Monday, November 3, 2014

So glad I sent a card

So over at Spooky Moon, Fry Kitty had a giveaway.  A chance to win a cool prize and all you had to do was send her a card, 'cause she had a dream that her Grandma got loads of Halloween cards.  Easy enough.  Well today I found out that I was a winner.  In fact we are all winners!!! What an amazing giveaway.....Here's the link -  She has a great blog.  The prizes are all really cool that it was hard to choose.  In the end I decided on the shadow box.

On a sadder note, I drop a large picture on my lamp and knocked it off the desk.  The whole base cracked.  I was gonna pitch it but then I thought maybe I will spookify it.  Perhaps I will do something more permanent than stretch pantyhose over it like this:


  1. What a generous giveaway! (Those Tiny Tombstones are adorable.)

    So sorry to hear about the cracked lamp, but the little collection you've put together in the photo is gorgeous!

  2. Hi Emma - so glad to hear from you. Yes those tiny tombstone are so cute. It was a tough decision. Any ideas you have for the rebirth of the lamp would be appreciated. It is ceramic and shiny so I do not know if I could paint it.

  3. Maybe you can paint it so it looks like blood is oozing through the cracks?

    1. Yes - Great idea! That would be cool. I definitely think the crack could feature big and oozing blood is always welcome in the haunted parlor.

  4. I am also very glad I sent a card, looking forward to a package (or three, since other blog friends are also very generous) in the mail any day now!

  5. Yes you chose Dolly Grim who is super cute! I love Frykitties crafts.