Monday, October 13, 2014

Jambi's on the fritz and clings that don't cling - My unlucky 13th

HELP! Does anyone know how to mend my Jambi?  He's really a Zoltan but we call him Jambi after Pee Wee's Playhouse.  He is absolutely refusing to fire with fresh batteries although sometimes he lights up for a second.  Something must not be making a connection but I don't even know how to get the bottom off. I have looked for an online tutorial to fix him but did not find one.

 I guess he's broken for good.
 He is pretty cool though so maybe I will just keep him for parts.

RIP Jambi - it was good while it lasted

On another whiney note, don't buy these Martha Stewart Ghost clings.  I have to return them today 'cause they don't cling to shit.  They also don't cling to walls, mirrors, windows etc....I had to return them to JoAnn which is far away from my house and I am a little cranky to say the least. Most of you would never consider buying this garbage as you would just make your own out of an old shower curtain.  Hmmm.....that's an idea.....

On a brighter note, his Lordship returned from his overseas adventures and was excited about all the decorations that have gone up.  At least, he feigned excitement. However, I think he was disappointed that I was still not painting the tombstones.  I explained that carving cracks takes a long time but I don't think he gets it.
Below are some details from the spooky guest bathroom that his Lordship has been ordered to stay out of until after the guests have been.  I won't have him fouling the place. Ah... It's good to have him back.


  1. Hello and nice to meet you! Just wanted to tell you that all your work on your haunted decor is simply and I share a lot of the same interests! And I laughed when I saw the jack o'lantern above, as I have that same one...great and witchy minds think alike! :o)

    1. You blogged about the cool ghost dresses - I loved those! Thanks for coming to site. It's always great to meet a kindred soul.