Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ghosts of Halloween Past

Many wonderful Halloweens have come and gone.  I am gonna take the time to walk down memory lane and revisit some.   The first two I did not even make due to my age. But I love these old costumes. Then I think my parents lost their camera because the next picture is of us as beggars some 7 years later, that we created by donning some old curtains my mother was throwing out.  We first begged in July but resurrected this idea for Halloween.  In fifth grade, my buddy Beth and I went as 1950's lasses as Happy Days was all the rage.  Then I jump to my daughter.  She always wanted to be a cat. So I have lots of pictures of her in that theme.
My cauldron is full of candy and I await many wonderful trick or treaters tomorrow night.  Hopefully, my graveyard will bring in more than I have had in past years as I filled the big cauldron.  Lord M ask me to just to fill the medium sized one but alas, I could not help myself.  Just an addict I guess.
My three oldest sisters on Halloween.  I was but a gleam



Just a baby so to small to trick or treat.

As beggars in 1973

Best friend Beth and I as 50's gals in '74

Candy 2014 ready to go - bring em on!


  1. Ha - great pics and great memories! The beggars! I want that elephant mask. Was AnneMarie ever NOT a cat in her first 10 years? :) Happy Halloween to you, Lady M! Are you dressing up for candy distribution tomorrow? AND we haven't seen a pic of the new Lady M wardrobe item that you purchased when I was visiting this fall. How about it??

    1. Yes dressing up - forgot to take a picture on Sat. but will definitely get one tomorrow. Corset fits better as I dropped a few pounds since you were here!

    2. I want your witch costume - just love the earrings!