Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Emma rides again

The 20th Annual Emma Crawford Coffin Races in Manitou were amazing this year.  The weather was gorgeous in the high seventies without a cloud in the sky, the crowd huge - about 12,000 spectators and the entries the largest ever at 70 teams.  We took some fun pictures.   Race results and many more brilliant pictures to be found here:

Manitou Springs at the base a Pikes Peak, host of the Emma Crawford coffin races on Oct. 25th

The event drew a record setting crowd.  Traffic getting in and out of town was crazy

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About 70 teams of coffins and racers were competing in four categories - fastest time, best entourage, best Emma, and best coffin.  First it began with a parade of hearses followed by the coffin teams in order.



Then of course, we had the actual race

The winners were:

Best Coffin - American Medical Response

The AMR for using a gurney


Best Emma -"And You Will Know Us By the Trail of the Dead!"

This outfit was stunning


Best Entourage - Peaks and Pasties Zom bees


Fastest Team - Team Vosler

We did not even take a picture of this team cause they were so boring.  But dressed to run with 4 really fit men and I said to his Lordship, they are gonna win.  So I called it - wished I had placed a bet - I'd be rich.

2nd Fastest - Ghoul's Gulch Haunted House

The second place team however, was amazing from Ghouls Gulch Haunted House.  They won it the last two years but could not take the title for a third year.

The Ghouls Gulch support team

Ghouls Gulch running team - loved their airbrushed makeup

Just an amazing day had by all. Thanks to friend Mark and Molina for flying in to enjoy this special day with us. The costumes and details of the day were just fabulous - a real feast for the eyes.



  1. Great pics Lady M! Wish I could have been there - love Manitou!

    1. wish you were here too - many of these pictures Mark took so I have to give him credit

  2. That Ghoul Gulch head is wicked cool.

    I want one!

    1. that guy kept referring to that head as his brother!