Thursday, October 23, 2014

Emma Crawford's Coffin Races

The coffin races are fast approaching.  Every year around Halloween, the tiny town of Manitou, at the foot of Pikes Peak, hosts the wackiest event around in memory of young Emma Crawford, who came west seeking a cure for her TB. Emma Crawford Photo When that plan failed, she asked to be buried at the top of red mountain.  However, Manitou floods, and in one particularly heavy downpour, Emma's coffin came racing down the mountain. Hence, 120 years later, Manitou still memorializes this event with a crazy coffin race down main street.  Heavily costume teams with coffins of their own construction holding one of their members, compete for glory before a roaring crowd.  This year we have some awesome sponsors including Agave Underground Tequila and the Bristol Brewery.  You can find more information about it here His Lordship and I will also be attending Emma's wake at the Miramont Castle.  Held the night before, we will be treated to a viewing and dinner. I hope to learn a lot about how the Victorians handled death.  More info about that here  It's gonna be a great weekend with friends Mark and Molina coming into town for the wake and coffin races.  Then  to top it all off  Saturday night, Minch manor gears up for a Halloween party.  So hope your weekend plans are good too. So much to do, so little time.  Happy haunting!Presidential-Hearse


  1. I am trying to follow you, but your follow-app doesn't recognize me for some reason... I'll try again later :)

  2. Interesting - sometimes I come in through a different browser when I am having trouble. Internet explorer won't let me leave comments on a few pages and sometimes gives me grief with my own blog. So I will switch to firefox.

  3. Ha! Truth really is stranger than fiction, isn't it?! What a genesis for this race. Poor Emma! I wonder if she watches over all the kooky proceedings! Are there any ghostie stories about her in the town? Sounds like you and His Lordship have got a fabulous weekend ahead of you. Have fun! :D

    1. Yes Emma - she is said to haunt the Red Mountain. Manitou has ghost tours the 25th through Halloween and I hope to get on one of those to discover all the haunted places in our little community. Thanks for your well wishes.