Friday, October 17, 2014

A time to rejoice

Finally, here at the Manor, we have a time to rejoice.  Yes, the great tombstone build of 2014 is nearing an end.  Countless hours of carving epitaphs and cracks have paid off.  Tomorrow they will be erected in the yard.  Yes - I can now turn my attention to spooky snacks. These are my favorites:

I stole this name from Mark at Shingle Creek ( ) or so I thought. Come to find out from my sister that he was a porn director!


  1. Wow - these are spooktacular! My favorite - Here lies Maya Youth. Want to see pics of the yard. :-)

    1. yes - I felt Maya Youth needed to be memorialized. We have a few lighting snags on the yard we have to take care of but pictures are coming soon.

  2. Beautiful! And the Davis Graveyard pieces look great!

  3. The Davis Graveyard pieces are definitely fun.