Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Gal Can Never Have too Many Witch Jars...

Recently, his Lordship caught me at my desk making witch jars.
     "Don't you have enough of those?" he inquired
     "Hell no, I can never have too many witch jars"

And it's true - I love witch jars. I am obsessed with witch jars.  I have multiple glass fronted cabinets to fill with witch jars.  Because they are cheap, recycled and wonderful free labels are available on the web, I can never have to many witch jars. But after years of making them, I still adore John Love's labels the best.  They are so beautifully designed that I delight in taking them out of the box and playing with them.  So thanks to all the talented people online sharing their beautiful artwork,  my witch cabinet will be better than ever this year.

A sampling of John Love's beautiful Labels

I love making witch jars out of antique bottles.  Here's a sample I got at a big flea market in Minnesota

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