Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Skeleton Santa pulled down in VA.

Did you see this news story??

Seems like a great Creepmas display to me. Creepmas should get equal time on the Courthouse lawn with other Christmas displays.

On an entirely different note, I made a picture for the fourth day of Creepmas in which Lord M gave me four hooting owls.  Well last night, it came true.  We had Great Horned Owls outside in the trees.  Their calls are easy to recognize as they say "hoo hoo-hoo hoo hoooh".  How cool is that?  My Creepmas wishes coming true.  I will listen for the werewolves tonight.


  1. I personally like the display. I guess some people can't handle the truth.

    Let me know if you hear the werewolves tonight... my fingers will be crossed. But keep some silver close ;)

  2. That's really cool about the owls! Make sure they don't eat fatty cat and old cat (Those are there new names).

    If you do see werewolves, make sure they don't eat the cats either...too many dangers towards our cats.

  3. Vandalism, intolerance, ignorance and stupidity. I am vexed.

  4. I'm with merricat on this one. (be careful about those werewolf wishes...hope we hear from you tomorrow!)