Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Witch Cabinet 2011

What more can I say?  The pictures tell it all.


  1. LOVE the cabinet. Need some close ups of the labels. Are they your own creation?

  2. Many are mine and many are Martha Stewarts and John Loves http://lovemanor.com/blog/archives/category/projects/page/3. I will blog on those of my own creation at a future date.

  3. That is an excellent Witch Cabinet, though I notice you haven't any of MY bottle lables. Surely mine are better than anything Martha Stewart might come up with :). A few things you might consider adding to your Cabinet collection for next year, some Skeleton Keys, Polished Stones, and some small antique candle holders. Animal skulls also add a nice touch if you can get your hands on them. The Stone Skull was a nice touch, it that Picasso Jasper?

    The Haunting Grounds

  4. Well SK I must confess I only found your labels today or I would have saved the money on Martha's and used your instead. They are much better!