Monday, December 5, 2011

Spirits for Creepmas

I was thrilled this year to see so many great autumn beers marketed in my local shops.  I was equally as dismayed to find out that as soon as I had developed a taste for them they were gone.  Moved out to make way for the seasonal, holiday ales.  A few that seem to have lived beyond the halloween season are the delicious arrogant bastard ale - gotta love that name!, the Dead guy, and the Santo (although I think this will be gone soon).  Santo is made by Saint Arnold Brewery in Houston Tx. They offer a wicked brewery tour there everyday.  It is a great place to drink.  If you ever visit me, I will take you there.


  1. I know right, the Holiday ales move faster than I can drink and that's sayn

  2. wow--I didn't even realize there were Halloween beers. gotta' find these next year!

  3. Yeah,going to the brewery. Can't wait...