Thursday, November 10, 2011

Karly's Picture

This lovely skeleton picture was drawn by Karly, a very talented young artist.  I love the way he's smiling.  That's so like Karly because she is always smiling.  Now I need some sconces to go on either side of this guy over the fireplace.


  1. The only Haunted Mansion poster I've ever seen online is this one ( but it's from DisneyLAND so I automatically like it less. My favorite part of the Haunted Mansion is def the stretchy portraits.
    If I make you weird art will you put it in your house? Ask my mother about my self portrait she refuses to display.

  2. Well I love to change my pictures for my Halloween display. So if you'd do something macabre that fits into the theme, I would love to diplay it. I enjoy looking at skeletons, spiders, ghosts, creepy baby dolls, bats, monster, witches, pumpkins ect. I don't however, like gore. Internal organs are best left unseen.

  3. Cuteee!!!
    I love all of it!

    Especially Merlin on the couch. And Karly's picture.

    Are you happy now?

  4. yes very happy my twinkle sparkle!