Friday, January 17, 2020

Some of my own

Thank you dear readers for stopping by once again.  At this time I will unveil some of my interesting creations via the boss laser machine.  Now these are by no means on the level of Michelle's miniatures.  I make a lot of mistakes and it has been a long exhausting learning curve.  But still, I know you will be supportive because you are, above all else, a kind group of individuals.

Firstly we have cat on the broom coffee table.  Yes I know the legs are wonky.  I could be bothered to pull a ruler out and measure.  But then again, maybe I can't.

 Then there is spider web sofa table.  Hey Lady M, glue much?  Still, it has a homemade bespoke charm does it not?  I can see some spots where I need to touch up paint.

 Next we have a spider web table.  I did not make those chairs, just spray painted them black.  However, the cushions were made from a thong  I got with one of my corsets.  I think they came out rather good.

This armoire is an example of a fudge job after I totally screwed up the sizing of the pediment. It started as a piece of furniture - I just added the embellishments, paints and the pediment.
Well there you have it.  I only have a month so got to get back to designing pronto.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Michelles Miniatures

Hello readers - sorry to be so distant lately.  I have a lot going on in the Haunted Parlor.  Trying to learn the boss laser cutter, remodel the dollhouse, exercise like a banshee and cook like a vegan.  It is all very time consuming I can assure you.

Here is some inspiration for my Dollhouse project.  I ran across Michelle's creations while researching things I could create with my new boss laser cutting skills.  I just love her stuff.

You can see more here at her shop: