Thursday, April 26, 2018

An Old Restaurant Full of Hidden Treasure

His Lordship and I have volunteered to help clean out the Tajin Alami Restaurant as a fundraiser. It was a  Moroccan restaurant up until a year ago when the city of Manitou Springs purchased it as a historical structure.

Built in the 1890's, the building became the Hiawatha Gardens Dance Hall in 1921. 

Most recently it was the Tajin Alami Moroccan Restaurant.  When the Tajin moved on, they left a lot of junk behind.  His Lordship and I have spent countless hours shifting old moldy stuff, scrubbing the daylights out of it, and selling it.  All proceeds are being put toward the Manitou Spring Heritage Center.

We have sold thousands of pieces of china and lots of glassware.

The job is not without perks, however, as I get first dibs on cool stuff for the haunt.  Look at these awesome lanterns.  They were light fixtures.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Some fun from Southern Colorado

Recently while passing through Monte Vista Colorado, His Lordship and I happened upon my dream home.  Can't you just imagine this as the new haunted parlor? 
We also discovered a publisher with an amazing collection of Halloween bobble heads in the window.  For some reason they were all dancing - drafty or possessed?  The owl was my favorite as it opened and closed its eyes and flapped its wings.