Monday, October 31, 2016

Casper got into the Spirit

Today I dressed Casper in his Halloween outfit.  Because I painted his rear on both sides, I was told by an 8 year old that he is a brony not a pony.  He is a brony of my own creation - candy corn brony in honor of Halloween!
As you can see, I tried to clean the poop stains but failed.  Next year I think it is my little poop stained Brony or Pony, depending on whether he has them on both sides.

The perspective on this picture is so funny.  What a big ass you have Casper!

Coffin Races Results

The 2016 Emma Crawford Coffin Race had prizes in the following categories:
Fastest Time - 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
Best Emma - judged
Best Entourage - judged
Best Coffin - judged

The race results went as follows:
1st place was Team 9 - 3per Reaper with an amazing time of 23:88 seconds
3rd place went to the Haramboys.  Not much in the way of a costume here.
2nd place went to MGA Pediatric Home Healthcare.


 The judged competition caused a little controversy in my scattered mind.  Best Emma went to Ghouls Gulch.  I can't even find their Emma in the pictures - can you?

There were so many great Emma's - Here is a selection of some of my favorites

 We also had an animal Emma and a male Emma.

Lady M's pick for best Emma of 2016 - This gal with the Colorado Springs Rising Professionals.  This Emma never broke character even when she was flying down Manitou Avenue.

Best Entourage went to "And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead" It was very large, finely dressed and had great props.


However Lady M's pick for best entourage went to Memorial Hospital ICU for their Beetlejuice Theme. Honorable mention goes to First Avenue B&B for the Wizard of OZ.  I love that dog dressed as a flying monkey.

Finally, best coffin went to the Steampunk Zombies.  It certainly was an impressive sight. Not surprisingly, they ran a very slow race pushing that thing.  Lady M will agree with the judges choice on this one.
There were many noteworthy coffins:

Tiny house guys


Bee Society

Team Booz

3 Hundred Days of Shine

All in all, an impressive display.  Have you chosen your favorites?

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone - I know I will spend the day dressing up the horse, carving pumpkins and handing out candy.  Looking forward to seeing everyone's haunt pictures and hearing about how you spent your holiday.

Coffin Race Time

Yesterday was the Emma Crawford Coffin races.  His Lordship and I got there early to get front row seats near the finish.
A cast of characters wandered the streets until the parade began. 
Leading the parade were hearses followed by the teams and their entourages.

The Purple People Eaters
One for Stacey at the Crypt - Batman's villians

Well that's all for now - later I will post about the race results, the winners as decided by the judges and then the winners as decided by Lady M.