Monday, May 11, 2015

Alk trio's past live show

A few weeks back I flew to Minneapolis so I could attend Alkaline Trio's past live tour. 

Over 4 nights they played all 8 of their discs which was pretty cool.  I attended 3 of the 4 nights, skipping the first because they played their newest "My Shame is True" (which I am not familiar with) and their oldest disc "Goddammit" (my least favorite of their offerings just cause it lacks the melody of the others).  Otherwise I went to the other 3.  On night one they played "This Addiction" and "Maybe I'll Catch Fire". I love both these albums and enjoyed the show thoroughly but was too overdressed to dance. Here are a couple of videos from these two discs.

This Addiction
Radio - Best break up song ever with lyrics like "I wish you would take my radio to bathe with you, plugged in and ready to fall.."  I great song to sing when you're angry.

 Choosing much more sensible footwear the second night, I enjoyed 2 beers plus "Agony and Irony" and "From Here to Infirmary".  We had a great spot for viewing Dan - he's my favorite.

Help Me from "Agony and Irony"
Stupid Kid off of "From Here to Infirmary"

The last night was the wildest as they played "Crimson" (and sounded amazing )plus "Good Mourning".  I danced my ass off and was sad when it was all over.  I love my Trio.  Can't wait till they tour again!

Time to Waste - Crimson

I put a lyric video up for "This Could Be Love" cause nothing's better then these lyrics - they are so nasty and yet heartfelt!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Long time no post...

Sorry for the lack of participation lately - this weird thing happens to me in spring and summer. I just want to be outside in the garden or watching the bird migration or spending time with Casper.  Anywhere but in the basement in front of this computer.  Alas, today it is raining and is a perfect day to catch up on the blog but does that mean I am staying in? Nope - Instead, his Lordship and I are heading to the top of Pikes Peak to be the witnesses at a wedding. In the snow and the rain and the gloom, love can still bloom.

vulture sculpture
Anyhow, recently we went camping to Chaco Canyon and on the way back, stopped in Salida.  While strolling through the city, we noticed that there was a blues bands playing in one of the art shops.  We popped in for a listen.  As the shop keepers prepared to close before the last song, they bought this vulture in from the street.  I had walked right by in the dark and almost missed him. He was made locally by a craftsman in Salida. His Lordship obliged me by making the purchase and now he will grace the large wall on the back patio.  That is, the wall that keeps the mountain from falling on us.

Here he is riding in the front seat of the truck to his new home

He needs a name - any ideas?