Saturday, May 12, 2018

Mothers Day

For Mothers Day, his Lordship got me something every mother needs.  Yes it is a cauldron.  I love this authentic iron monster of a thing that, come Halloween, will adorn the haunt.  Until then, I will use it as a planter.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

The Historic Wolf Hotel

     Recently, a pal and I went to Kansas to take in shorebird migration.  While there, we stayed at the historic Wolf Hotel in Ellinwood.
     Ellinwood boomed in the late 1800's as a railroad town.  It hosts a bizarre underground tunnel system that housed bars, whore houses, a barbershop, and a blacksmith shop.  Places where  men could practice their vices while the Christian town above appeared pious.  Now who does that remind you of?
     But politics aside, the Wolf is a cool hotel with a history of haunting.  I have to say personally, I saw no ghosts while there.  We did have lots of loud trains pass through at all hours of the night and a tornado siren go off at 3:15 which called the volunteer fire department.  I would recommend earplugs if you visit, as this small town is noisier than most big cities.
     The hotel has a great historic ambiance.  The tunnels underneath host a modern day bar that is open on the weekends.  It was damp and moldy and I would advise that those with breathing issues stay far, far away as black mold is sure to be present.  But they had an eerie magic and are definitely worth a visit for those with good lungs.
     The owner Chris said paranormal investigators spend a lot of time checking the place out.  Here are some pictures (my friend took) of the Wolf.
Our fine sleeping quarters - the Victorian room.

The shared parlor

This is Miss Sally.  She gave me the creeps in her mourning attire.

That's a proper Kansas thunderstorm in the background.  We even had a tornado warning.