Tuesday, October 31, 2017


We bought this pumpkin at the coffin races on Sat. from the Sun Mountain Center.

They grew it with biodynamic farming techniques.

I think it is the largest pumpkin I have ever had the pleasure of owning!  It took his Lordship and myself to carry it to the car. Those are his legs so you can get an idea of scale.

I carved it yesterday.  Now if the wildlife can just resist eating it until tonight, I might have a pumpkin to light.  It's so big I can fit a glass Yankee candle inside.
 This is the fate the befell my last pumpkin carved by a friend.

Christmas at it again

Fu#*ing ding dong as his Lordship would say - Here comes Christmas again before the end of October.  We woke up this morning to this.

Poor Mr. Bones looks cold

Hope it melts before tonight or my 9 trick or treaters will be sorely disappointed.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Happy Halloween

Cool Coffin Race Video

More Emma Results

The official results of the judged categories are in.
Best Emma was won by the team "Emma's Wake" for this undead Emma.

Best entourage and coffin were won by this team - Steam Punk Zombies

Steam punk Zombies won last year for best coffin.

Lady M has some alternative picks I will showcase.

For best Emma, there were a few great non-human Emmas:

Dinosaur Emma

Unicorn Emma

Chicken Emma

I also like male Emma - this team "The Bored of Ed" has the honor of being last with a time of 59.1 seconds.

My favorite Emma was this gal - She just looked like she enjoyed the ride. 

My favorite entourage was the zombie Disney gang - I loved all their dead characters.

I also liked the Jazzercise or Die team

Lots of good coffins such as:


This one, however, is my favorite - the Flintstone mobile!

Oh no - he's chopping wood again!

Aaaaaaaah! His Lordship is splitting wood again.

I think he is possessed by demons like this guy.

Perhaps the moldy pantry is THE PORTAL TO HELL!

Skele's on the Move

Here are some locals out burning calories. They may be over doing it as they are all a little bony. Colorado is known for it's skiing.  At  Piramide, this skeleton is no exception! 
Sunwater spa features a high diving rock jumper.  She trying to land in a mineral soaking tub I think.

Over at the Piazza Navona Gallery, the skeletons are really cutting a rug!  I think it is the ghosts of Danny and Sandy.

And, if you like live music, head no further than the Ancient Mariner.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Coffin Race

This was a cool coffin race -  both in temperature and in the company I kept. I had to wear a coat over the costume because it was 50 degrees and gloomy all day.  I had family in town that dressed as my pets so I was able to attend the race with an entourage. All evil women need an entourage. 

The costumes at the event were awesome as usual.

The App made real time race results easy to follow.  Now they only have to add the results of the judged categories and it would be great.  The only bummer for me with the coffin races is the garbled sound system and poor announcing - I have to give them feedback to improve that next year.

We sat in VIP seating!  The chamber decided to get some bleachers and sell some seating.  Sitting without having to drag my own chair there was heaven.  The top four teams are as follows:

 1. The Office - time 26.1

2. 3per Reaper - 27.8

3. Colorado Independent Moving 27.9

4. Team Fossil - 28.5

Unfortunately, I do not have the results of the judge categories so will have to wait for these to be posted on the Chamber of Commerce Website.  More pictures to share tomorrow.