Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gone Batty

So last Thanksgiving, his Lordship and I went to visit my father and his wife.  While there, I admired a delightful picture that they had in their home: A taxidermy bat on burlap that was brilliantly spooky and perfect for my home haunt.  I made attempts to wheedle off of them but they were having none of it.  Sometime later, after it had long slipped my mind, I received a great package in the mail with, you guessed it, a gorgeous bat mounted on burlap.  Sooo, thank you thank you thank you Connie and Dad!  What a great edition to my haunt this year.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Commonwheel Artist Festival

Labor Day weekend, Manitou hosts the Commonwheel Artist Festival.  It is a fun blend of visual art and music plus food.  Last year we went and purchased this incredible spider sculpture by Gary Johnson.

It was originally intended for the garden wall but I love it so much I brought it inside.  The woman who used to own the place had a million hooks installed for her large collection of hanging pothos ivy.  These hooks are perfect for spooky stuff like spider sculpture. The artist name is Gary W. Johnson and his website is My computer warn me against going there, however, so visit at your own risk. We hope to visit the arts festival again this year and want to find another pal to bring home.

The detail on this spider is just beautiful.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Resurrected and crafting once again

So it has been a long, long time between posts.  In that time, I have gutted my home and had it remodeled.  Needless to say, that left little time for Halloween.  For example, last Halloween, I had no toilets.  Thus, his lordship and I rented a room and went out for BBQ.  Here's a picture from that swell evening at the Front Range BBQ in Old Colorado City

But this year for the first time in 3 years I am having a party- perhaps even two.  So I must pull out the dusty decorations, take stock, and check with all the creative haunters out there for the amazing things they have come up with in the duration.  The first thing that lit the flames of inspiration were Martha Stewart's pantyhose covered pumpkins.  That got me thinking - if you can cover a pumpkin why not something else?  So into the lingerie drawer and voila - a pair of old spider web panty hose.  Now I have always dreamed of spookier table lamps and even contemplated buying shade covers online.  But why spend that money when you've got panty hose?  So the thighs got pull over the shades and the lower legs covered the bases.  I stuck a few spider on by just slipping their legs through the pantyhose and I have spooky lamps at no cost! cool!

So now I have spookified my lamps without permanently changing them at all.  After Halloween, I will just take off the hose and pitch them and save this years pair of hose for next year.  Or I might just buy a pair of queen size as they will probably fit the lamp shade better. Anyhow glad to be back as a haunter.  Can't wait to catch up with the blogs I follow.