Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The Legend

I have always been the trusty provider in the past but this year I am going for legend status.  Hope the 12 kids I get at the door appreciate this!

Christmas is coming for Halloween

It was bad enough when I hit the stores yesterday to find all the Halloween items reduced to one tiny rack while Christmas spreads its greedy fingers throughout the displays.  No, this morning I awoke to this - jolly white stuff all over everything,  adding a "ho ho ho" and "where's the mistletoe" feeling to my favorite spooky night.

The view off of our back deck Halloween 2018

Plans must change - I was going to take my little pal - she is 4 - trick or treating while his Lordship kept the haunt.  But I think cold, windy and snowy might be to much for her.  So into Manitou Springs for merchant trick or treat.  I hope they give out more than smarties and tootsie rolls.  Then her parents will come to dinner and pick her up.
The table is set for Halloween Dinner
Got to get cracking.  Have a pumpkin to carve, a pumpkin pie to make, and lighting to work out for my drenched haunt.  Happy Halloween everyone and remember - stay flexible!

Happy Halloween

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Mystery of the Vanishing Photos

Photos are vanishing across my blog and the blogs on my reading list.  Is this some Halloween prank? Has blogger been hacked or compromised in some way?  It is making for a most befuddling Halloween.

All the pictures on the Google+ account are gone too.  Very Mysterious!

Coffin Parade - The Hearses

Before the coffin races comes the parade. First come the sponsors and hearses.  Can you believe we have a Pikes Peak Hearse Society?  I have to get to know these folks and attend one of their events sometime. Here are some pictures of their rides.

Dead Sexy - I think this guy is from Denver and has a rather creepy facebook page with a little to much Machismo for my liking.

M. Balm - Tee Hee
I found a friend

Last Uber - Love it!

Festival De Los Muetros

The Festival De Los Muetros was held this year in Memorial Park after the coffin races.  It featured live entertainment by the Smokebrush Foundation for the Arts as well as food and drinks vendors.  The only goods for sale were the Heritage Center's merchandise.  Here I am standing with the table of creations I made.  There was also fabulous jewelry, walking sticks, books and t-shirts.

One of the food vendors sold Hawiian foods.  I just loved her big witch hat.

 The stage was decorated with lovely skeles.  The music ranged from rock to classical guitar.  Lots of dancing too.

It was not as well attended as it was the first year but hoping the popularity grows over time.

 I bought these fabulous pieces from our booth. Cute and priced to sell.  All proceed benefit the Manitou Springs Heritage Center.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Alkaline Trio - Burn

Just need a little Trio today to face this catastrophe, the weather for Manitou Springs on Halloween:
Wednesday 10/31

Snow showers before noon. Becoming partly cloudy later. High 41F. Winds E at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of snow 50%. Snow accumulations less than one inch.
Wednesday Night10/31

Partly cloudy in the evening with more clouds for later at night. Low around 25F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph.
Tues. day it rains - Tues night 5-7 inches of snow. What a drag.  I have half a mind to take down the haunt. What am I going to do with 50 full size candy bars?

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Race Results

67 Teams competed in Saturdays Emma Crawford Coffin Races. The teams race in pairs 195 yards uphill on Manitou Ave.  Each team consists of one Emma who rides and 4 mourners who push the coffin.  Teams who lose a mourner, come out of their lane or break their coffin are disqualified.

The winner with a time of 25.9 seconds was Mountainside Skate Shop's "Night of the Living Shred". They are a new Manitou based business. Wait - rewind.  All of a sudden 2 days later, has suddenly said these guys did not win. They in fact got 6th?  What a big fuck up. 
These are the real winners - Memorial Hospital ICU whose time was 25.9.

In second place is a local business, Adam's Mountain Cafe "Team Futurama" with a time of 26.6.
 Third place was taken by a team from Boulder who won the Frozen Dead Guy Coffin Race in Nederland last spring.  With a time of 26.8 seconds, I present "The Nerds".

Coffin Races

Our annual coffin races were held yesterday on a beautiful fall day.  My sisters dropped in to enjoy the event with me.  We made a day of it, beginning with a street breakfast burrito and ending with sliders off of the food truck at the Festival De Los Muetros.

Here are some rare snaps of the three of us having some fun pre-race.
His Lordship also sold my merch at the Heritage Center Booth at the Festival.
That's all for now - don't want to bore you readers much.  Race results later when they are posted.  Cheers!

Off to the Races

Friday, October 26, 2018

Cute Cookie Cutters

Michaels had some fun Cookie Cutters this year.  I got a skull and a witches hat and made some cookies for the spooky spread at the party.

New Corset

My lovely Twisted Sister gave me a corset for Christmas last year.  It was beautiful and very good quality.  Unfortunately, it just does not fit. About 6 inches shy in width. When I tried it on, those poor laces looked utterly strained and my boobs, sheesh, were busting out the top.  So his Lordship let me go by a new corset at the LeGrande Boutique.  It is a fabulous store with tons of "dress up" for adults.  I wanted a purple one but they unfortunately did not have it in my size, so I settled for black and white.  Here's is a blurry picture from the party.
It came with a pair of undies that quite frankly, I will never wear.  But they are a nice material and need a craft project.  Ideas?  Perhaps this is where my visitor referred by the porn site could help me out.