Friday, April 15, 2016

Halloween prop 2016 - a clock

It did take me long to forget the snowman debacle and start to make big plans again.  I recently acquired a clock from my sister that belong to my mother.  Over the years, it's guts have been lost and various bits have been broken and now it is just a shell of its former self.   It will make an awesome prop. 

Of course, I have to begin with inspiration because copying someone else's stuff is always easier that inventing my own.

So lets peruse some spooky clocks.

I love the skeletal hand coming out of the crack and this pendulum

Sorry that I had trouble tracing these back to an original source.  If you see your work just shout it out and take credit.

Amelia Bedelia Is Actually Pretty Terrifying

I remember reading these stories to baby M when she was little. I find this version a slightly more entertaining.