Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Melania does it again

Wow - the FLOTUS has a knack for the creepy.  She's a creeper celebrating the 13 days of Creepmas.  I shall be away for a the first few days so will join in the festivities when I return!

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Thift Store Find

This little gem was tucked away at the back of the ARC in the curtain section.  It originally retailed for $37.00.  It is a fine black woven curtain in lovely condition and a steal at $6.00. I love the spider web detail in the corner.

I adore thrifting - it is a treasure hunt.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Election Results

The Manitou Springs Skeleton Craze winners are:

First Place:
The Green Horse Gallery for Frida Khalo and her cat

Runner up
Anna's Apothecary for their beautiful golden witch with the well placed rose buds.

People's Favorite (for the second year)
The Custard Shop's Captain Custard and Family.
The funniest is good Karma Cafe's Wizard of Oz
Finally, scariest was The Avenue Hotel B and B yard display.  Partly pictured here with my sister and I on race day.
So overall, I am pleased with the results and felt the winners were deserving of their accolades.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


A weird little video done by one of the Heritage Center Volunteers, Ashley.  I am not enamored of the sound track but really enjoy the imagery.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Done and Dusted

Well with the last of the lights bulbs stored above the garage, Halloween is officially done and dusted for another season.  I want to thank all the swell readers who stopped by the parlor this year and left comments.  I have enjoyed a long and fruitful blog relationship with many of you and hope you know how much I appreciate your visits.  Halloween Countdown was fun - I picked up some blogs to follow and a couple of followers - welcome Holli and Rain San Martin to the parlor.

Here are pictures of Halloween storage.

It was the number one query of the party - where do you store it?  This year I "tried' to be organized when putting away.  The real test will be if I can find my skeleton hand wine holder at Creepmas.

So anyhow feeling a little relief and a lot of sadness.  Hope you enjoyed your holiday as much as I did.  Judging from your posts, it seems like everyone had a great time.  Now back to business as usual as views drop to single digits and the most exciting thing in my life is what I am going to eat for dinner.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Wow - I knew it

Here's an article about how Christmas music actually brings us down after a while.  I knew it.  It happens to me every year.

The Last of the Skeles

I failed to post of all of Manitou's Skeleton as I became distracted by guests and Halloween. Here are a few additional very fun and very creative skeletons.
 In the Green Horse Gallery, Frida Kahlo looks amazing with her unibrow.  The folks there said their skeleton from last year fell apart and they put the pieces in this floor grate.  Pretty awesome.
In the window of the 6412 Shirt Company, we have this guy wearing a "villains of slasher films riding in the mystery machine" t-shirt.
 Here is some detail from the shirt.
 The Cotton Club features a day of the dead bride and groom.
 Bella Terra houses this pair of jolly scientists?
 Or maybe it is Groucho Marx without a hand? 
So many of these skeletons are falling apart.  I don't know what these people do to them.  I can keep one intact for years.

Here is another fun Day of the Dead skeleton holding witches brew bath bombs in Salus
 Whickerbill added yet another (I think they have 6 in total), this one running the Pikes Peak Marathon with a rather realistic tongue and one shoe.

Finally, the Goldminers candy showcases this convict who is threatening to steal Halloween Candy.  The judging should happen soon. Looking forward to hearing the results.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Merchant Trick or Treat

Yesterday, I kidnapped a child so I could attend merchant trick or treat.  Luckily, she was already dressed like a cupcake.  We perused up and down Manitou Ave. scoring candy from the store owners and checking out the other costumes and merchandise. It was a blast.
In front of Avenue Hotel B and B
Yum - candy at Red Dog Coffee House
The Lovely Ladies of the Apothecary

You can see I am keeping a tight hold so she cannot escape
As luck would have it, the child was incredibly  enthusiastic about the kidnapping.  She was not the least bit frightened at the haunted parlor but enjoyed playing with eyeballs, bats and spiders. I held her for ransom until her parents paid up at dinner.  Then to my amazement her unstoppable energy kept her knocking on doors until about 8:30.  Pretty incredible for a 4 year old.  
Miss Donut I believe this is the dress being sold at the Legrande Boutique

Judge Results

If you follow my blog you know I always disagree with the judges on some level.  The following categories are judged at the Emma Crawford Coffin Races:  Best Emma, Best Entourage and Best Coffin.  This years winners are:
Best Entourage - Ghouly Gals for Beetlejuice.  This is a group of science teachers so you know I was rooting for them.

I thought their Emma and Coffin were pretty swell too!
Best Coffin went to the Ghostriders for their motor cycle coffin.  I picked this one out as very creative.
Best Emma was won by (Yawn) "And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead".  They do the same pirate theme every year and have already won for best entourage and best coffin.  While it is an amazing team, I am a little bored.
So I agree with the first two, but for Best Emma I would have chosen the gal from the Cerebus Brewery, who had a three headed dog costume.  It was pretty cool and looks like it has been custom made for the brewery.
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