Wednesday, August 29, 2018

New Addition to the Haunt

Here's is one the the things I scrounged from the Tajin Alami clean up.  It was part of a four part, circular chandelier that was broken.  I removed all the wires and chains and separated it into four sections.
Next I added some toilet paper rolls dripped with hot glue and filled with tealights.  I will mount it on the wall for a fun, castle-like light fixture.

Friday, August 17, 2018



Capitalism comes to the Haunted Parlor

This weekend in my little Hamlet of Manitou is the Pikes Peak Marathon.  Yes it is that crazy time when people from all over the globe run up and down this mountain. 

On Sunday, the town is closing the street and having a crazy sidewalk party.  The Manitou Springs Heritage Center will have a booth there and his Lordship is going to take some of my wares to sell as a fundraiser for the Heritage Center, just to test the market.  He is such a capitalist.

Thus, he wanted me to do a little branding.  I got on photo shop and came up with a Lady M logo to I could price my items.  I printed them on tea stained card stock. 

What are Lady M's wares you may ask?  Well first we have pictures printed on authentic 1920's newspapers that came out of the Heritage center back in February.  They are in distressed thrift store frames.

Next we have plates that came out of the Tajin Alami back in April.  They are vintage Buffalo restaurant wear china and naturally, I put some skulls on them with water slide decals.  Hope they are not to morbid for the general public.
Finally, I have completed some witch bottles with my homemade labels and hopefully, will manage a pillow or two!  Busy but it all benefits a good cause, the Manitou Springs Heritage Center.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A post about some rather sad pumpkins

Yes I had high hopes for the pumpkin patch - up until July 23 when we got nailed by hail.  Still the little guys rallied back and were just putting out some new fruit when, can you believe, hail again August 6th.  My poor pumpkins look like they have a skin disease!  I promised October Boy I would post some pictures so here they are:

Tattered and torn!

Look at the poor thing!

Craft projects getting underway

Things are ramping up and I am getting crazy busy.  I can't believe my party is only two months away.  I better get going.  Plus his Lordship has me signed up to make all sorts of crafts for the Heritage Center booth at Emma Crawford.  They will be sold as a fundraiser to benefit the Heritage Center.  Here are just a few of the exciting things I have been working on.  So much to do - so little time.